Clean Air is necessary for a healthy Utah citizenry and a vibrant Utah economy.

Terry Marasco is leading the Alliance and can be reached using the contact at the Join/DONATE/Contact tab.

The UCAA believes access to clean air is an inalienable right; all Utahns, now and in the future, deserve to breathe air that supports their health and wellbeing.

The UCAA believes that the quality of our air is fundamental to the physical, economic and moral health of our state and that each are harmed by the air pollution problem.

The UCAA believes that many Utahns are distressed by the impact of air pollution on their lives and urgently want effective and sustainable solutions

The UCAA believes that the quality of the air we breathe is a universal issue that crosses all political, social and economic boundaries.

The UCAA believes the scientific and medical basis for our action is clear and urgent.

The UCAA believes in the power of an educated, responsible citizenry to insist on a responsive government.

The UCAA believes in stewardship of the environment for future generations through sustainable, clean energy alternatives.

Alliance Associates

 Breathe Utah

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Utah

Friends of Great Salt lake

Great Salt lake Alliance

Great Salt Lake Audubon

Heal Utah

League of Women Voters of Salt Lake City

Naomi Franklin (various group associations)

National Parks Conservation Association

Polly Hough (independent)

Post Carbon Utah

Renewable Energy Resources

Sevier Citizens for Clean Air and Water

Time Science/UCAA

Unitarian Environmental Ministry

Urban Village

Utah Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (UAAP)

Utah Environmental Congress

Utah Interfaith Power and Light

Utah Medical Association (UMA)

Utah Moms for Clean Air

Utah Physicians for a Health Environment (UPHE)

Utah Rivers Council 

Utah Sierra Club

Utahns for Better Transportation

Wasatch Clean Air Coalition

Wild Utah

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