Goals and Objectives

1. Build the Organization—to be the expression of all those in the state who feel the same urgency to protect the health of our community by improving air quality. The UCAA collaborates across organizations to bring attention to clean air issues based on common values. Adding expertise and reducing duplication of effort strengthen each of our organizations.

2. Educate, Engage, and Inform the Public About Air Quality—to help the public comprehend the severity of the impact of dirty air on our societies and ourselves. The UCAA realizes that air pollution destroys the quality of our personal health, our economic viability, and our future growth. Public education is key to bringing awareness to the public crisis that is air pollution.  An educated citizenry has the potential power to effect changes in public policy  that stimulate individual and corporate behaviors to reduce air pollution. The UCAA fosters activities that educate the public about the impacts of dirty air and the UCAA  encourages the public to mobilize their government representatives to advocate for cleaner air practices.

3. Create public policy and draft legislation to improve air quality—to ensure that the right of current and future generations to clean air will not be compromised. Because of the enduring impact of legislation, it is one important focus of UCAA efforts. By promoting policies that stringently regulate the output of pollutants and encourage cleaner renewable alternatives, the UCAA works toward improving the air quality of Utah.

4. Maintain a presence amongst lawmakers, policy makers, agencies, planners, county commissions and city councils. Inform these bodies of the health and economic risks of degraded air quality so that they drive changes in the laws, policies, and standards that consistently improve air quality in the Wasatch Airshed.


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